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Crisis in the Northland

About the Series

Opioids: Crisis in the Northland is a television and digital project that addresses many facets of the opioid epidemic in our region in order to encourage conversations and solutions around this devastating issue.

Throughout the six-part miniseries, digital-only videos and podcasts, the project will highlight stories of those affected by opioids, including those experiencing opioid abuse disorders and their families, law enforcement, law makers and the medical community. Through their stories, this project will work to de-stigmatize opioid abuse disorders, inspire community-wide conversation, and encourage discussion around solutions.

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Watch Episode 1 - Tracing an Epidemic

Opioid overdoses are killing more people in St. Louis County per capita than anywhere else in Minnesota. As the death toll mounts, so do the social and economic impacts in our region, in communities both large and small, tragically altering the lives of individuals and families.

How do we respond to this crisis as a community? How is it affecting our healthcare system, law enforcement services, courts, schools and homes? What can we learn from stories of success and recovery? How do we connect people to resources of help and hope?

Special Thanks

Thank you to St. Luke’s for their support of the six-part TV miniseries, as well as the podcasts.
Thank you to Community Memorial Hospital for their support of the digital series.
Thank you to Essentia Health for their support of our Town Hall kick-off event.

Episode Schedule

  • Episode 1 - December 6, 2018
    Tracing an Epidemic – The Roots of Opioid Use and Abuse
  • Episode 2 - December 13, 2018
    Addicted – Stories of the Fall
  • Episode 3 - December 20, 2018
    Treatment – How Do We Judge What Works?
  • Episode 4 - January 3, 2018
    Law and Addiction – Enforcement and the Drug Courts
  • Episode 5 - January 10, 2018
    The Case – Holding Opioid Manufacturers Accountable
  • Episode 6 - January 17, 2018
    Solutions – What’s Next?