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Episode 2 - Addicted

Stories of the Fall

In this episode we hear from those most closely affected by addiction: people who’ve lost loved ones to an opioid overdose. This episode also features perspectives from medical experts, community leaders and those in fields of addiction, treatment and harm reduction. This episode is the second of a six-part mini-series.

Thank you to St. Luke’s for their support in the production of this episode, as well as the following interviewees who shared their time, experiences and knowledge with this project:

  • Gary Olson, Former Executive Director of Center For Alcohol & Drug Treatment
  • Dr. Joseph Bianco, Essentia Health
  • Robin Trout, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
  • Dr. Christina Falgier, Essentia Neonatologist
  • Natives Against Heroin Group, Ashley Diver, John Diver, Shawn Carr
  • Valerie Zhawendaagozikwe
  • Stephan Witherspoon, Duluth NAACP President
  • Allissa Penney
  • Dr. Heather Blue, UMD, St. Luke's
  • Lynn Hall
  • Mark Reinholtz, Addiction Councilor
  • Kellen Davis, Addiction Councilor
  • Sue Purchase, Harm Reduction Specialist
  • Karlin and Eric Krebs

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Podcast - Episode 2

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