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Episode 3 - Treatment

How Do We Judge What Works?

How do we respond to this public health crisis? In the third episode of the six-part TV series, WDSE-WRPT focused on treatment. How do we judge what works, and what doesn't? In this episode, we spoke with people who told us they wouldn't wish opioid withdrawal on their worst enemy. You will hear from medical experts, community leaders and those in fields of addiction and treatment. As well as those in law enforcement and legislation; and family members who have lost loved ones to opioid overdose.

The Minnesota Department of Human Services tracks statewide data on admissions to treatment programs. The Department found during 2017, 8,303 adults identified heroin as their primary substance of abuse at the time of admission to a treatment program. During that same year, 3,341 adults identified other opiates as their primary substance of abuse at admission to treatment. For context, there were 56,890 adult admissions to substance use disorder treatment in 2017.

List of interviewees:

  • Gary Olson, Former Executive Director of Center For Alcohol & Drug Treatment
  • Greg Anderson, St. Louis County Social Service Supervisor
  • Kellen Davis, Addiction Councilor
  • Stephan Witherspoon, Duluth NAACP President
  • Lynn Hall
  • Mark Reinholtz, Addiction Councilor
  • Rep. David Baker, (R) Minnesota House of Representatives, 17-B
  • Mike Tusken, Duluth Police Chief
  • Dr. Amanda Klein, UMD's College of Pharmacy
  • Dr. Heather Blue, UMD, St. Luke's
  • Dr. Nicholas Van Deelan, St. Luke's Emergency Dept.
  • Dr. Joseph Bianco, Essentia Health

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Podcast - Episode 3

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